This Is The Camp

It wasn’t until I stepped into Shatila camp that I began to realize I knew nothing about refugees. Shatila was a place that existed for more than 6 decades, containing over 40,000 people in less than a square mile. It’s a place just minutes away from the nicest hotels and restaurants in Lebanon but most people from the outside will never go in. It’s in a sea of noise, dark alleyways and tangled wires that people somehow find a way to survive and it’s here this story begins.

This Is The Camp is an intimate journey into the lives of three young men who by fate and circumstance were born into a place where they have no rights as human beings. They come from three vastly different camps in Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank but they all share the same burden of being third generation Palestinian refugees.

Over the course of a year they will encounter immense challenges and triumphs in their attempt to be free.  A gentle rapping barber will attempt again to marry the woman he loves, a charming English literature major will leave the only place he’s known and a soft spoken storyteller will try to survive in order to give his community a voice.


When three restless young men refuse to accept the circumstances they were born into, they must find freedom or become everything they are trying to escape.

This Is The Camp is an independent documentary feature that takes place in three separate refugee camps in three different countries. The story follows three young men, all third generation refugees struggling to find a better life for their community, themselves, and the people they love.


  • Format: 4k video, digital photo, WordPress
  • Completed: currently in production
  • Credit: director, cinematographer, sound, editor, photographer, graphic and web designer
  • Location: Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank
  • Website: This Is The Camp,
  • Featured: This Is The Camp, Indiegogo
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