Conflict Speaks

Refuge does not often come with safety. Refugee is not often a temporary status and in almost all cases this status does not come with basic human rights. Conflict Speaks is the stories, images, and voices of those living with the consequence of war. These are the people forgotten after the bombs have dropped and risked their lives to find safety. Mothers, educated hard workers, sincere and resilient. While many have just arrived in Lebanon, others have spent their entire lives here without a country and a home to call their own. In Beirut they find themselves hidden in the city afraid to go outside or stuck in overcrowded permanent refugee camps fighting for resources.


There are over 63 million forcibly displaced people in the world. The refugee crises isn’t a new phenomenon and in Lebanon where it’s population is almost a quarter refugee it has become a crisis impossible to ignore. What is life like as a refugee in Lebanon? Over the course of several weeks I spent time with refugees in Beirut. Some had just arrived while others spent an entire lifetime here. Conflict Speaks is a glimpse into these lives and their story as they continue to struggle in a country they cannot call home.

Some subjects requested names changed and faces not shown to protect identity


  • Format: digital photo
  • Completed: December 2015
  • Credit: photographer, editor
  • Location: Beirut Lebanon
  • Featured: Interactive Photo Exhibition: Spring Café Denver April 22 – May 30, 2016
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