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    1. L O A D I N G 0%

      Data source: "Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; calculate based on sales volume of men's trousers in 2020. Cover 210 countries/regions in the world, various retail channels; sales amount of men's trousers accounts for over 15%, and a brand for men's wear highlighted by leisure or business products, Joeone ranks among the top three places in respect of sales volume of men's trousers; completed the survey in April 2021"

      Please join us

      Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, JOEONE will always explore the innovation and upgrading, make every effort to achieve the vision to create a fashion group of elites,
      and make contributions to the practice of the Chinese dream of the national costume brands. Welcome to join JOEONE.

      Human resource management

      JOEONE regards the "commitment to employees" as the core of humanistic management. Everyone shall be respected. We do our best to meet people's needs, give play to people's strengths and accommodate people's weakness, aiming to build JOEONE into "a warm home, a school for growth, and a stage for entrepreneurship" for employees.

      • KPI-based
        appraisal system

      • Salary distribution system based on
        performance and capabilities

      • Career-based
        training and development system

      • Qualification-based
        recruitment and evaluation system

      • Capacity evaluation system based
        on competency models

      • Strategy-based human
        resource planning system

      Company culture

      The one who wins the people wins the country.JOEONE believes that the secret of successful operation lies in
      successful management of people. Successful operation is attributed to shared aspiration of people.

      JOEONE enterprise outlook

      Poor employees result in a weak enterprise, while rich employees
      result in a rich enterprise.Accumulative complaints from employees
      throw the enterprise into disorder, while shared happiness of
      employees lead to harmonious business environment.

      JOEONE working view

      Do the right thing, do things correctly,
      and do things right.

      JOEONE philosophy of common weal

      Community of Interests
      Community of Development
      Community of Life

      JOEONE mission

      Offer men fine and fashionable
      clothes with high cost performance.

      JOEONE team view

      People-to-people Bond
      Concerted Efforts

      Exciting Team Building Activities

      Chase dreams together. JOEONE launched exciting team building activities to extend thanks to all members for their hard work and endeavor to work together and win the future!

      A Gratitude Tour of Employees

      Stay true to the mission and forge ahead. The year of 2018 was a transforming year for JOEONE. While seeking breakthroughs, embracing reforms and pursuing excellence, we would like to thank all employees for their dedicated devotion, great endeavor and heart-warming companionship.

      The day of JOEONE people

      JOEONE people live a full life every day. While ensuring normal work, JOEONE employees have access to a lot of living and entertainment options.


      Good Morning


      Clock in


      Start a new day of work


      Restaurant on the 6th floor


      Short-term recharging


      Be concentrated in work


      Clock out


      Restaurant terrace on the 6th floor


      Gym on the 15th floor




      Good Night JOEONE, Good Night Xiamen

      Working environment

      JOEONE International Business Center is an easily accessible 5A office building with sea view located in the CBD of Guanyin Mountain in Xiamen. The 33-floor building is equipped with multi-functional conference halls, an employee restaurant with a terrace, and a fitness center, which provides a comfortable and healthy environment for employees.

      • Office

      • Gym

      • First Floor L

      • Reading Room

      JOEONE International Business Center


      A sound talent development system provides system support for employee development. With broad internal promotional space,
      JOEONE advocates performance-oriented promotion mechanism, in which internal competition is preferable.

      Campus recruitment

      JOEONE takes high-quality employment of students as the purpose, and school-enterprise cooperation and interaction as the means to make sure that students can find suitable internship positions, and the employer can find suitable talents.

      Social recruitment

      JOEONE believes that only companies that care about the development of employees will have infinite potential in the future. We will do our utmost to provide team members with all kinds of resources and room for growth.